After undergoing nasal surgery (rhinoplasty) there is always quite an impatience to see the result as soon as possible. It is important to make patients understand that, as in other surgeries, the results are not immediate, and we must wait. But their desire to know the outcome of the intervention leads them to ask us various questions about the postoperative period, in a desire that it be shorter and beneficial for their nose surgery.

The general rule is that our rhinoplasty patients feel comfortable immediately after their operation and that they experience minimal pain. But it is true that there are some tips that you should follow to obtain faster recoveries and increase your post-surgical comfort after rhinoplasty . How are you:

1.- Apply cold compresses to the eyes and cheeks.

2.- Rest on the bed “face up”, avoiding resting the cheeks on the pillow and with the headboard at 45ยบ.

3.- Do not do intense physical exercise for at least 4 weeks after surgery.

4.- Avoid the use of clothing or helmet that could imply a blow to the nose.

5.- Avoid the use of glasses in the first 4 weeks after surgery

6.- Avoid gesturing excessively during the first 2 weeks. For the same reason, foods that require strong chewing should be avoided.

8.- Avoid direct sun exposure until your surgeon tells you to.

9.- Avoid excess salt in meals, as this promotes inflammation

10.- Sleep at least 8 hours during the first weeks after rhinoplasty.

11.- Avoid laughing or smiling intensely during the first week.

In the previous photo you can see an intraoperative image of the result of a rhinoplasty after surgery, with the splint already in place.