As soon as we recognize any symptoms or get a blood test, we rush to Dr. Google to see what can happen to us or how it could be solved.

We go crazy searching and the internet returns us, first, an excess of information that has little or nothing to do with our case and secondly, information of very low or no quality , poorly done copy-paste data, not rigorous information and often misleading bordering on crime.

“Online information, under the judgment of experts, can induce hypochondria, a disorder in which the patient believes – unfoundedly – that he suffers from a serious disease.”

The internet is the problem and the internet is the solution . The arrival of new technological tools and platforms also offers us possibilities such as free high-quality videoconferences , streaming videos … communication in short in real time with the other part of the world.

This is how many doctors have realized the advantages of having a first medical consultation via videoconference.

Advantages Of A First Online Medical Consultation

In an ideal world you should avoid self-diagnosis through Google and self-medication . You play it because the information is not rigorous, it is not filtered and you cannot know if what they are reading is true or a fraud or if they are talking about something that does not even resemble what you have.

Think that a doctor spends 15 years training before he can give a pre-diagnosis. With the online medical consultation you have the possibility of, before letting yourself be fooled or making a mistake on the web, consult a real doctor from the comfort of your home, tell him your symptoms, explain your history and have a professional assessment or personalized pre-diagnosis.

Early Attention

The Internet has brought us speed and immediacy . Many times we do not go to the doctor at the first symptoms because we are lazy, because we cannot find the time or because work does not allow us.

With this online medical consultation system you no longer have an excuse to delay your visit to the doctor and prevent things from getting older.


Time is money and the medical consultation via videoconference is agile and immediate . You will only spend the real time of the time of your appointment, time spent in minutes talking with your doctor, no time spent traveling, parking, time in the waiting room …

Avoid Travel

Sometimes displacement can be a simple hassle and other times something practically impossible. Although the online medical consultation does not replace in any case the face- to- face consultation , for a first consultation in some patient niches it is essential.

We have clients from other countries or from other autonomous communities who would like to come to be treated here and an online pre-consultation is what they need to decide whether or not to come. There are also patients with reduced mobility or dependent people who do not always have a way to get around. Internet for all of them is a window open to the world and, now, a door to their doctor’s office.

Easy Access And Privacy

From your own home, from the comfort of a simple mobile or tablet , the online medical consultation has all the advantages of feeling at home but with all the commitments of privacy and confidentiality doctor-patient of a normal consultation.

Meet Your Doctor

The medical act is something private and personal and we understand that many people need to know not only who their doctor will be but what he is like, if he creates confidence , if they have the feeling to trust him with their treatment or surgery.